TQM - Teaching Qualitative Methods
Teaching Quialitative Methods

Cancelled: 3rd TQM Conference
May 11th-12th, 2007

NOT Cancelled: Training Sessions
May 13th-15th, 2007




Sunday April 27th, 2003


Meeting the software: an introduction to and comparison of the programs Facilitators: Lyn and Tom Richards, QSR International This informal half day introduction to the conference provides an opportunity for those less familiar with the software to see both programs demonstrated and learn from the developers how they view the different functions and different uses of their products.

Those who are already skilled in the software are welcome to attend to contribute their views and experiences with the software and debate with Lyn and Tom the relative advantages of N6 and NVivo in the teaching environment.

Topics will include:
• The different tool kits and the ways they assist research
• The work styles and methods each best supports
• The learning curve for novices using either program
• What each won’t do and when it will matter
Workshop handbooks and comparative summaries will be provided.

Monday April 28th, 2003

  • Plenary - Lessons learned about teaching methods with software by Earl Babbie
  • Paper presentations (link to abstracts)
    • Judith Davidson
      Leadership in Schooling: Graduate School of Education
      University of Massachusetts at Lowell
      NVivo as a Tool for Deepening Understanding Between Researcher and Participant: Extending the Use of the "NUDIST Cookie"
    • Jeffrey O. Durrant
      Department of Geography
      Brigham Young University
      Linking N6 and GIS in Coursework and Student Research Projects
  • Roundtables on teaching issues using existing texts
  • Lyn Richards - README FIRST for a User's Guide to Qualitative Research
  • Pat Bazeley - The NVivo Qualitative Project Book

Tuesday April 29th, 2003

Course Development workshops (link to Biographies)

A key feature of this working conference is the streams for interactive discussion and learning about teaching with software. Participants choose from five streams, each offering a different approach, with an experienced facilitator drawing on examples from their own teaching. The facilitators and topics are:
      • Lioness Ayres - Narrative analysis with software
      • Pat Bazeley - Teaching mixed methods
      • Donna Richter - Practical guide to handling qualitative data
      • Silvana di Gregorio - Teaching grounded theory with software tools
      • Kristi Jackson - Using qualtiative tools in teaching evaluation research
      • Graham Gibbs - Phenomenonlogical analysis using NVivo

Wednesday/Thursday April 30th/ May 1st, 2003

Three hands-on post-conference tutorials (link) led by various trainers
  • Track 1 - Pat Bazeley - Combining QSR Software & SPSS: Teaching Mixed Methods
  • Track 2 - Silvana di Gregorio - N6
  • Track 3 - Kristi Jackson - NVivo 2.